iX Panel and QTERM HMIs as a TCP server

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iX Panel and QTERM HMIs as a TCP server

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I'm a iX Begginer developer and I'm still going through videos and tutorials to learn more about the software so I apologize beforehand if my questions is pretty obvious.
I have a second application running in a cRIO controller from NI and this application will send TCP messages frequently to my HMI acting as a TCP client. Before, using Qlarity Foundry, I could use an EthernetServer object that allowed my HMI to act as a server and received and parsed these messages coming from the cRIO controller. Is there an object or a component built in within the iX software that will allow me to do something like that? or do I have to use C# scripts to "convert" my HMI to a TCP server?

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Re: iX Panel and QTERM HMIs as a TCP server

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Hi leocoll,
If you anyone is experiencing similar concerns please refer to this code. we have successfully implemented this socket connection https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/socket-pr ... n-c-sharp/
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