Enable/Disable tags polling from one controller

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Enable/Disable tags polling from one controller

Post by lgrenon »

Hello !

On my application, I have 2 controllers (Siemens ET200S) connected to a X2 pro HMI.

Sometimes, I need to disconnect one of these controllers.
I've seen that there is a checkbox on the tags module to activate or desactivate one controller.
But how to do this automatically ?
I've looked on some scripts classes but I do not seen anything about that.

Someone can help me ?

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Russ C.
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Re: Enable/Disable tags polling from one controller

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Hi lgrenon,

There is an action that you can set to a button to enable/disable controllers, but the project needs to be restarted in order for those changes to take affect.

To assign the function, create a button on the screen and click Actions. From there under Click expand the drop down and scroll to the bottom, to Other. And Change Active Controllers should be at the top of that list (See attached).

Change Active Contollers Action.png
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