Two identical Panels connected to OPC AE

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Two identical Panels connected to OPC AE

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I have tried to connect 2 identical Panels (of course whit different IP:s) to a AC800M Controller.
I have increased the number of A/E subscription in the controller.

But I only get one panel to work at the same time, with OPC AE.
If only one is connected it works fine (both panels work if the other one is disconnected)

In the AC800M Diagnostics the number of A/E subscribers aren't increasing (not even if one panel is connected, but somehow it working even thou).
Diagnostic for OPC DA shows empty name or IP (all other devices shows their IP).

Is this some conflict that both panels gets same AlarmServer name?
If it's that can I modify the AlarmServer name someplace?

When 2 Panels are connected and restarted both panels gets all active alarms but afterwards only one is working.

B.R. Mattias

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