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Custom trends

Post by azmath2 »

I am looking for some help to create customized trends. I would like to add new Curves to exisitng trendviewer window. I can add new curve object and it is displayed in legend with a title but I am unable to cionnect it to tag and connect to value.

Curve curve = new Curve();
curve.Name = "Test1";
curve.DisplayName = "Globals.Tags.HMI_Sel_WB1";
curve.Value =Globals.Tags.DB_289_TT_2002.Value;


I was trying to change DataSource property for Curve but it is read only.

Has anyone had a luck with something similliar?

Thanks for reply.

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Russ C.
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Re: Custom trends

Post by Russ C. »

Here is an example project that uses dynamic trends in a trend viewer
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