direct print of an label via script

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direct print of an label via script

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Hello everybody, I am pretty new at the ix talk.
I am using a Beijer iX T15B panel and an opal label printer.
The easiest way to print a label at this printer is to send a POF (“Printer object file”) direct to the printer port.
My problem is that I don´t know the name of the USB printer.
I tried to copy the POF file from an SD card (“\\Storage Card”) to an USB stick (“\\Hard Disk”).
This was working fine, but now I need the name or the path title of an USB printer?
I don´t have the APi for this printer and think I don´t need a APi.
At another system we use the same process but with a copy batch direct to the LTP or COM port and this is working perfectly.

I hope the description of my Problem was detailed and understandable.
Thanks in advance to everybody!

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Re: direct print of an label via script

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We understand that this is a very old post. If there is anyone who is still experiencing this or similar issues and require assistance, please visit us at ... ___support or give us call at 801.708.6690.

Thank you.
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